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...written in February 2004

"It is sometimes hard to talk about oneself, and easier perhaps to talk about someone else. However, I think it is key in letting others get to know you to talk about your interests and their philosophies. Therefore, I would like to talk about two of my interests; Taekwondo and Aikido (Martial arts games, where I carry Black Belt 3rd Degree in Taekwondo). Maybe I am not able to interpret my character well enough to describe it to you, but I can help you to understand my character through a better understanding the philosophies of those arts.

Basically, I believe that the philosophies of Taekwondo and Aikido reflect my character and my life. For instance, I found the philosophy of Aikido is a very profound philosophy that also reflects the changes that accompanied my field of studying in business. They did not teach me just physical fighting skills; they showed me other ways of enhancing my spirit and life through training my body and my mind.

First of all, Taekwondo was the first mover of my character; it is very healthy, dynamic, and enjoyable. Besides, it represents a great philosophy, which consists of three parts that I am always trying to maintain: Integrity, perseverance, and self control. Integrity: being honest, being constant (my actions match my words), being loyal, being adhere to a standard of values, and being always alert to learn from my mistakes. Perseverance: it made me focus on my goals and to overcoming obstacles to keep me working after my goals. Self control: to be always in control, and always have the energy and power to work.

Secondly, Aikido was the next mover of my character. Since I started studying business and finance in specific, I started to do more analysis and was faced with more intellectual challenges. As my studies progressed, I became more interested in reading economic and politics. I enjoyed my field of study and decided that my next move would be to get MBA and hopefully some important certificates like CMA & CFM. Astonishingly, I found the Aikido Philosophy paralleled the information I gained from studying business theories, and enhanced my way of treating my objectives. Aikido theory is based on three main principles: 1. Maximum efficiency with minimum efforts and mutual benefits. 2. The training must be beneficial to all participants. If it is to be beneficial, it has to be safe. Alternatively, if it is unsafe, it will extremely difficult, if not impossible, to train realistically. 3. Most importantly, aikido is a state of mind and body that one pursues throughout one’s life. It helps you to set your mind free, and lets you set strategies to achieve your long term objectives. Yes, it sounds like business theory; so it is no wonder that I found Aikido philosophy profound and more favorable than Taekwondo philosophy. Moreover, it taught me the relaxation as the Taekwondo taught me the dynamicity. I just have to assign the right attitude to the right situation.

Finally, those philosophies might be obscure and not clear, and this is not a surprise. As a matter of fact, when we learn a philosophy from reading a book, we tend to quickly forget it because it is not related to our actual life. However, when we start practicing this philosophy and applying it to our lives, it pushes us to verify what it is, and then we’ll understand it and enjoy it. Afterwards, it will play an important role in ascending our minds, bodies, and souls. Therefore, it will let us conduct our lives in a certain way."


Mohammed Khasawneh was born in Amman, Jordan in February 18, 1981, the youngest son of five children to His Excellency Dr. Saleh Khasawneh and his wife Firyal. His Surname "Khasawneh" is a prominent Arab Muslim clan descending from the noble family of Imam Ja'far Al-Sadiq and Imam Hussein Ibn Ali.

While growing up in Jordan, Mohammed has finished his primary and elementary education from De La Salle College (Frere), a well known school in Jordan. During that time, he participated in several sport activities in which he became an athlete in Martial Art games, specifically in Taekwondo.

After graduation from High school, he enrolled in the University of Jordan to study Finance. And then flew to the United States of America to pursue a Master degree in business administration.  While he was still undergraduate and graduate student, he always took the chance to enrich his experience and broaden his knowledge through working and volunterring with diverse institutions and organizations. 

In 2005, Mohammed started working with the Intenranional Monetary Fund (IMF) in Washington DC as a Financial Analyst. He worked there for a couple of years before he moved to Abu Dhabi - UAE to join Ernst and Young (Middle East). He is still working with Ernst and Young as Manager for Transaction Advisory Services.

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"Don't limit your challenges, but challenge your limits."

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